The company Normand Services was founded in 2006. Since then we have gained a considerable experience in sector of Metallurgical Product Trading. The main principles of work of our company is taking into account the needs and interests of both sides for further cooperation. Company provides a full range of materials for industry and science.
Successful work on the raw material markets in CIS countries, Europe and Asia let us to realize complex deliveries for Russian and world leading manufacturers. We guarantee that our customers will receive services of appropriate quality. Clients of Normand Services can rely on extensive experience in the supply in the raw material markets and our customer support department can offer everyone an individual approach.


The company Normand Services always expands the range of services and it manages customer needs in different regions of the CIS, Europe and China. The core service our company provides is distribution that covers delivery process of final products from production sites or warehouse to consumer. We know all information about market-processes because we contact directly with raw material extraction enterprises. The company Normand Services gives a support to the manufacturer to sell all of products.
    These include:
  • The first is to give an opportunity for the mining companies, which desire to expand their business to the Russian and World market.
  • Our company provides complete control over the logistics that allows you to answer all your questions, to ensure the achievement of the ultimate goal, to promote the work of executors.
  • It should be noted that we provide to our customers a service for financing trade of metals and complex support of the project implementation process in order to avoid errors.
  • We help to correct all possible inconsistencies volumes of production and consumption of resources.
  • Management of communication between customers and suppliers at all stages of production supplies and services. We should be sure that purchased product to its requirements.


The company Normand Services specializes in trading of metals and minerals with special properties. We try to maintain the status of a reliable company, and monitor the quality of all the material, because our goal is to be the first on high quality material supply market. Our providers are based in CIS, Europe and China. It gives us opportunity to implement projects of any complexity.

The company Normand Services takes a large position in the supply of products such as:

  • Ferro Alloys
  • Rare earth elements
  • Industrial Minerals
  • Metals and Oxides
  • Ore and concentrates

Widely known, without ferroalloys the production of steel and alloys will be very difficult. Ferroalloys are iron alloys with other elements. There are some elements that much easier to use in the manufacture due to the lack of certain stages, and the price is less than pure iron. The company Normand Servicesis engaged in the supply of this raw materials. There are: ferromanganese, ferrosilicium, ferrocerium ferromolybdenum, ferrovanadium ferrovolphram, ferrotitanium, ferroniobium, ferrochrome with high, low and very low carbon content, and other ferroalloys.


Our team of highly qualified specialists is always ready to answer any your questions. Highly qualified specialists work in our team and we are always ready to answer any questions. We provide our customers high quality material, optimal price, minimal delivery dates and Individual approach to each client.

The company Normand Services is expanding the range of its services and moving forward. Our managers are always ready to solve any problem.


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